Introducing: African Folklore Embroidery 

African Folklore Embroidery is owned by Leora Raikin, a South African native, living in Los Angeles. She was taught this creative and multi cultural needlecraft by her mother.

"African Folklore Embroidery is my hobby and passion," says Leora. "I love stitching, I love using colors and I take a great sense of pride in each design completed by one of my students. No two completed kit designs ever look the same!" Leora continues, "African Folklore Embroidery is a big part of our family culture, my mother, aunts, cousins, sister, sister in law and even my five year old son, have completed an African Folklore Embroidery design. We love sitting and stitching together."

Leora, a folklore embroidery artist, lecturer and teacher, has taught at museums, schools, guild workshops, private classes, art camps, summer camps and countless classes and organizations. She encourages her students to "think out the box" , to let their imagination run wild and to imagine that their needle is a paintbrush and the threads are their paints.

The Los Angeles Times, Pieceworks Magazine, Los Angeles Family Magazine, Winning Education and many more publications have written articles about the unique and creative art of African Folklore Embroidery. In the Winter of 2005, African Folklore Embroidery designs, completed by Leora, appeared on PBS on the Shay Pendray Needle Arts Show.

Over 6,000 adults and children have been taught by Leora in the art of African Folklore Embroidery. This art form is regarded as both a visual art, a needle art, and a wearable art. All completed kit designs can be converted into bags, pillows, quilts, or sewn onto jackets or shirts.

Leora founded the African Folklore Embroidery Program that allows students to experience and learn about life in South Africa through African Folklore Embroidery. She teaches African Folklore Embroidery as an enrichment /elective in many schools as part of the in-school academic program after school enrichment program. The workshops allow for a whole new generation to be introduced to stitching and needle art.

African Folklore Embroidery is quickly growing to become one of the most popular cultural and artistic classes available. The extreme contrasts of brightly colored threads against the black fabric make any completed design both striking and beautiful.


To book Leora Raikin for your guild, stitching retreat, Girl Scout troop, school, or a private class, please call (818) 999-6094 or send us an e-mail.

Workshops range from one to three hours up to a full day. Consecutive workshops can be scheduled.

Please view the list of upcoming classes and shows open to the public.

Leora also trains qualified respondents to become African Folklore Embroidery teachers. If you are interested in learning to be an African Folklore Embroidery instructor, please email or call me at (818) 999-6094

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