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The Kidzpositive Family Fund is dedicated to improving the health of HIV-positive children in Southern Africa.

Our goal is to generate funds for the grassroots support of mothers and children affected by HIV/AIDS. Our aim is to become a regional source of financial support for organisations providing care for significant numbers of affected families. The name of this Fund is inspired by the positive spirit and actions of these people.
Everyday reality is that mothers in Africa keep hoping. They continue to fight HIV/AIDS themselves, and devote themselves to caring for their sick children.

These are women who band together to support each other through the dark times when another mother's baby is fighting for breath. When their communities turn their backs, they are there to laugh and cry together. When a shoulder is needed to lean on, in times of grief, they are there beside each other. These mothers manage to fill a hospital ward with a sense of bustling optimism, despite a shortage of medicines and hospital staff.

A child with HIV/AIDS requires intensive, committed health care. Mother, nurse, doctor, social worker are all dedicated to ensuring that a child has the best care to live life with the minimum of suffering. They create a community which can provide the solidarity needed to fight a disease which has no cure.
Although it is a lethal condition, children with HIV infection can live for many years. With proper care they can be happy and enjoy life.

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